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Until then Rock on with your bad selves and remember it ain’t a crime to be good to yourself.

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Hey Rats Fans,

We told you with our last update there were big plans underway for 2023 and we sure weren’t wrong.

A few unanticipated health challenges hit all all four of the Rats which paused our spring plans. With that said the Rats are back and better than ever with their first show of 2023 coming up Saturday August 19 at D.I.C.E.D Culinary at Jericho Beach with special guest Ross James opening up the show. Side note, check out the awesome poster our good friend of the Magic Rats Bruce Elbeblawy designed for us! 

We were able to catch up with the handsome and talented Bobby Mongoose this week and this is what he had to say about the current state of the Magic Rats. 

“You know that old saying, Good things come to those who wait? Well you best prepare yourselves for the most bad ass, rocking, streamlined, freight train version of the Magic Rats you’ve ever seen.” 

Jeremy Deutsch weighed in with his two cents, “Yeah, I agree with Mongoose, we’ve been jamming and really working hard to give our fans the best show.”

Splinter the Rat continues to work on his pipes and his beats back at the Rats nest and is currently stressing out about ticket sales for the show. Not about how few tickets the Rats will sell but how many! 

Jesse Dramer, once again could not be reached for comment as his obsession with adult entertainer Jade Venus caused a few real life challenges and he has been incommunicado for the past six weeks. Needless to say he will be at D.I.C.E.D Culinary at Jericho Beach ready to rock for the fans on Saturday August 19. 

With that, stay tuned to this site for the latest Rats news and until then Rock on with your bad selves and remember it ain’t a crime to be good to yourself.


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Hailing from the riverbanks of the mighty Fraser, Bobby put down his axe going on 25 years ago only to be welcomed back into the arms of his fellow rats in 2022. Charisma is what best describes Mongoose, some might say talent, but they are wrong, it’s charisma, good looks, and being humble. Either way one thing is for sure, it’s certainly not his guitar playing. He also wanted the fans to know, he is currently upset with his hero Bruce Springsteen, hopefully that will pass.



When he’s not chilling at the lake or working on other music projects, Dramer will be roaming around the Ridge thinking up strange cover tunes or disappointing his mom on her birthday. It’s not all bad news though cause Jesse is the nicest guy and if he ever sets his sights on your you better watch out or he will hypnotize you with his tender and syrupy vocals. He’s like Biggie but white and has a goatee.



While he’s better known to longtime fans for his work behind the drum kit, Jeremy “the Accountant” Deutsch has pressed pause on his bookkeeping days in favour of rocking on four and six strings. Always one to challenge his rat counterparts to expand their musical offerings, Jeremy is just as hard on himself honing his craft. “The Accountant” is always on hand to make sure the rats are taken care of and getting their fair of the cheese. 


the rat

Splinter is new to world of musicianship. His journey into drumming began during the global pandemic by teaching himself the drums through online sources. After about a year, he supplemented his online training with in person lessons. Under the tutelage of a professional drummer his skills are improving. What started  as hobby with the only intention of playing in his basement to pass time, has now flourished.  Drumming is now a more expensive hobby in which Splinter has had a few opportunities to play in front of a crowd and not just annoy his spouse and neighbours. Splinter is excited to begin his musical performance journey with the Magic Rats. 

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An Evening with the Magic Rats with Special Guest Ross James

D.I.C.E.D Discovery
Saturday August 19, 2023 – 6:00pm

1515 Discovery St, Vancouver, BC


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Saturday August 19, 2023
D.I.C.E.D Discovery Cafe
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